Las Cruces Realtors John Mitchener and Becky Mitchener

November 11, 2011 – Las Cruces NM

Las Cruces Realtors John and Becky Mitchener, move their license to Keller Williams Realty Las Cruces

las cruces realtorsLong-time Las Cruces Realtors  husband-and-wife real estate team Becky and John Mitchener have recently brought their talents and experience to Keller Williams Realty, the second largest real estate franchise in the nation.  Officially switching over Oct. 3, the Mitcheners made the transition because of the company’s focus not only on profes­sional success, but also personal enrichment, a concept that appealed to them.

“It’s not just pro­fessional growth, but also personal,” Becky Mitchener said. “The company has so many programs to offer, and this was an opportunity to participate in something building.” John Mitch­ener said  “It’s a very synergistic group, there is a lot of sharing of ideas.”

The couple married in 1971 after meeting in Austin, Texas – she was studying fine arts at the University of Texas at Austin and he was in the Army and stationed at Fort Hood. They then relocated to Las Cruces in 1974 when John Mitchener received an intern­ship at White Sands Missile Range. “The idea was to be here for two years and leave, but we ended up staying,” Becky Mitchener said.


Las Cruces Realtors Get Licensed in 1978

Las Cruces Realtors John Mitchener, received a bachelor’s degree in behavioral psychology from Colorado State University, worked at WSMR – eventually becoming the personnel office assistant systems manager – Las Cruces Realtors Becky Mitchener attended New Mexico State University to finish her degree. With degree in hand, she decided to switch gears and earned her real estate license in 1978. “I wanted to be in a more people-related business,” she said. “My dad was in sales, and I saw an opportunity in that.”

As John and Becky Mitchener’s  career as Las Cruces Realtors began to flourish, she turned to her husband for support. In 1997, he earned his real estate license so he could help her with the tech­nical aspect of the business on a part-time basis as  lisensed Las Cruces Realtors. “We’ve always worked really well together,” Becky Mitchener said. “We complement each other’s talents.” John Mitchener re­tired from WSMR in 2002 and focused his attention full time as  Las Cruces Reators. “We’re a perfect fit,” Becky Mitchener said. “I’m more of the front­line person and John is the tech side.” A self-taught technician, John Mitchener said he has owned just about every rendition of Apple

las cruces realtors

computers known to man. “Some people buy boats and ATVs, I buy computers,” he said.

That curiosity with technology came into play while their careers continued as  Las Cruces Realtors and joined the Las Cruces Association of Realtors Board of Directors, becoming the Multiple List­ings and Informational Service president in 2010. “It was something I’ve al­ways had an interest in,” he said. “I wanted to make some accomplishments and we were able to provide additional services to our members of Las Cruces Realtors.” In addition to being active with Las Cruces Realtors  organizations the couple also spends their time staying educated and up to date on the industry. “I believe it shows your commitment and professionalism,” said Becky Mitchener, who has her e-Pro, Accredited Buyers

Representative and National Association of Realtors Green Designation certifica­tions, among others. “It gives us a really broad base and level of understanding as Las Cruces  Realtors. “I’ve always enjoyed going to classes,” said John Mitchener, who is a certified Senior Resi­dential Specialist and Eco-Broker, to name a few.

The Las Cruces Realtors, said they are especially proud of their green certifications, adding that a few simple changes can help the entire world become more sustainable. “We’re all in this together,” Becky

 Las Cruces Realtors Certified As Senior Residential Specialist

Mitch­ener said. Possibly their greatest learning experience was becoming parents to son Bryan, a student at NMSU-Alamogordo. Adopting him when she was 40 years old, Becky Mitchener said be­
Discovering a passion to spread the impor­tance of being able to read, Becky Mitchener is the president of the Southern New Mexico

Las Cruces Realtors

Dyslexia Institution. “Society needs to address this important issue,” she said. “We pay down the road if we don’t address these problems.” With the new switch in companies, the Mitcheners said the future is looking bright and might include some exciting develop­ments with Bryan currently taking real estate classes” “Our goal is to continue to provide high ­quality service to our customers and clients as there Las Cruces Realtors,” Becky Mitchener. “We still want to be out there, helping people obtain their wants, hopes and dreams.” We’ve always worked really well together. We complement each other’s talents.  Welcome John and Becky Mitchener to Keller Williams, your Las Cruces Realtors.coming a mother helped her tap into another side of herself. “You learn so much being a parent,” she said. “It’s made me more sensitive to the needs of my clients and my clients with families as their Las Cruces Realtors.” Becky Mitchener said nurturing Bryan also taught her another lesson – the difficulties that come with raising a dyslexic child. “We worked through several challenges with him,” she said. “There is a need in this area.”


Originally run in the Las Cruces Bulletin November 11, 2011 By Beth Sitzler